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How to reserve a Kitten

To reserve one of our kittens an initial $500 non-refundable payment is required, this secures the kitten of your choice.


Once the initial payment is received, photos, video will be sent to enjoy the development of your kitten.


Before making a decision and reserving a kitten please make sure you confirm with your partner, family members, landlord, flatmates etc.


Please confirm household members have no allergies to cats.


If you rent, confirm with the landlord that your able to keep a pet.


We do not refund for change of mind.

We like to select a family or individual who is responsible and willing to provide the best needs for their cat’s daily care.

When you make an enquiry, please introduce yourself and family because we would like to know what kind of family our cat will be living with.

If you rent or own your house. Any previous experience having a pet, and if you have any other pets.


Any relevant information to help us with the process and give suggestions and try our best to meet your family needs based on the information you provide to us.

 Click here Maine Coon Breed Information

 Click here Burmese Breed Information  

Preparing for your new kitten

Basic supplies and equipment you will need for your kitten.


- Pet carrier (must have for the car ride home to help them feel safe when they arrive to their new home)

- Food and water bowls

- Litter box (large to accommodate their development and growth)

- Recommendation 1.5 cat litter box per cat in household

- Toys/scratching post

- Cat bed

- Grooming tools (brush, comb) and products (shampoo)

For the first few days, leave your kitten in a quiet place and slowly introduce them to other areas of the home. Keep the kitten confined to a small area of your home for a few days and the litter close by so that the kitten is not overwhelmed.

Your kitten has seen enough excitement for one day, so please take your kitten straight to their new forever home after leaving their birth home.

Burmese Kittens Brown tortie and Chocolate tortie Mojinda Cattery

Ready to leave to forever home

Our Kittens are ready to leave to their new forever homes between 12–14 weeks of age. At this stage they are wormed, vaccinated, microchipped, desexed and health checked by our vet.


Upon leaving, your new kitten will receive a ‘Kitten Pack’ which includes –



  • ANCATS Show/Pet Registration Pedigree Certificate.

  • Vaccination up-to-date Certificate.

  • Microchip Registration paper.

  • Sterilization Certificate.

  • Worming from 2 weeks onwards and up to date.

  • Flea treated up to date.

  • Vet checked.

  • Litter trained

  • Well socialised.

Complimentary kitten starter pack 

  • Pet insurance 

  • Kitten Care information booklet.

  • Kitten instruction guide.

  • Wet and dry food they are raised on.

  • Food Feeding bowl.

  • Bag of litter

  • Litter tray suitable for kitten

  • Blanket with familiar scent

  • Cat toy

As the breeder, we will always be there for you if you need any extra support or have any questions after taking your new baby home.


(Our kittens will be ready to meet you after their first vaccination, which occurs when they are around 5-6 weeks old.)

Gypsy Maine Coon Kitten Black Tortie Classic Tabby Mojinda Cattery
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